As urban residential security concerns increase, homeowners in Kansas City are actively seeking efficient solutions to safeguard their properties. A standout measure garnering attention is the installation of anti shatter film. At Custom Tint Solutions, we delve into how this technology fortifies your home, offering peace of mind in various challenging scenarios.

What is Anti Shatter Film?

Anti shatter film is specifically designed to reinforce windows, making them resilient against breakages. This polyester-based film, bonded with robust adhesives, secures glass panes in place even when impacted. This function is crucial as it prevents the potential hazards of shattered glass while also deterring easy entry from intruders. Learn more about the technology behind anti shatter film.

Professionally installed by experienced technicians at Custom Tint Solutions, anti shatter film maintains the aesthetic integrity of your windows while enhancing their functional resilience.

Benefit #1: Enhanced Home Security

The primary advantage of installing anti shatter film in your Kansas City home is the considerable improvement in security. By toughening the windows, the film significantly impedes burglars, a crucial factor given that according to the latest FBI reports, property crimes in urban areas like Kansas City are a pressing concern. The film’s robust build reduces the likelihood of window breeches, adding a reliable layer of security against potential intrusions.

Benefit #2: Injury Prevention

Home accidents, particularly those involving glass breakage, pose substantial risks. Anti shatter window films address these hazards by keeping broken glass in one piece rather than allowing it to scatter dangerously. This is particularly vital in households with children or elderly individuals, where the risk of injury from glass shards can be greatly reduced, thus ensuring a safer living environment.

Benefit #3: Storm Protection

In areas like Kansas City, where weather can be unpredictable and sometimes severe, the resilience offered by anti shatter film is invaluable. By holding shattered glass together, the film protects your home from being damaged by debris hurled by strong winds during storms. This defensive feature not only ensures your family’s safety but also minimizes the potential financial burden of having to replace windows damaged by weather.

Benefit #4: UV Protection and Energy Efficiency

Anti shatter film blocks up to 99% of UV radiation, protecting your skin and furnishings from sun damage and fading. Furthermore, this film reduces thermal gain inside your home, thereby enhancing indoor comfort and reducing reliance on air conditioning, which can lead to lower energy bills. This dual functionality makes it an appealing option for environmentally conscious homeowners aiming to boost their energy efficiency. Discover more about the safety and security benefits of window film.

Benefit #5: Privacy and Improved Aesthetics

The films come in various tints and finishes, allowing customization to match any architectural style while boosting privacy without obstructing natural light. Whether you seek a mirrored finish for maximum privacy or a subtle tint to just soften the incoming light, Custom Tint Solutions provides tailored options that enhance both the privacy and aesthetic allure of your Kansas City home.


Installing anti shater film is a prudent choice for enhancing your home’s security, safety from accidents, and defense against severe weather, while also incorporating elements of energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. It’s an all-encompassing investment in your home’s functionality and protection. Kansas City homeowners recognizing the multifaceted benefits of anti shatter film are encouraged to consider this versatile home improvement. For further information or to arrange a professional consultation, reach out to Custom Tint Solutions at (913) 279-7490 or

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