Austin is a great city to live in and there are many places to shop and eat. As a retail business owner, you want to make sure that you are protecting your retail storefront. There is an easy and simple way to prevent break-ins. Security window film is a cost-effective way to help give you peace of mind in eliminating some of the risks involved with being a small business owner. 

Security Window Film For Smash and Grab Protection

There are many things to enjoy about the city of Austin, but we are not able to eliminate all crime. Security window film lowers the chance a break-in will be effective.  It does this by keeping the glass adhered to the film. Also, since it comes in frosted finishes intruders are less likely to see your inventory in the first place-further reducing the chances they attempt to break in at all.

Security Window Films Lowers The Damage From Broken Glass

While there is no guarantee that a break-in will not happen, security window film will limit the amount of damage in the event that something were to happen. The potential that glass will shatter is lessened and if the glass is broken, having security window film installed will keep the glass and shards contained. Knowing that if a break-in were to happen the damages are limited offers peace of mind to many retail business offers in the Austin area.

Security Film Could Help Store Owners Against Liability in An Accident

As a retailer here in Austin, you are responsible for providing customers a safe place to shop.  This includes your glass features: windows, walls, doors, and shelving. By having safety and security window film installed on glass in your store, you protect your customers from severe damage should a slip and fall occur.  This could also keep you from being liable for the bodily damage since you did your due diligence to keep people safe. 

For more information on what safety and security glass can do for your store here in Austin, contact the window film professionals here at Customer Tint Solutions today.