Break-ins and burglaries are always at an all-time high during the summer months throughout the San Antonio area. With children and teenagers out of school and more people from out of town visiting, statistics for property crime and break-ins are just typically higher. This unfortunate trend really forces San Antonio homeowners to reconsider their home security while finding the best, cost-effective options. Many security systems can be highly priced and not be effective against smash-and-grab robberies due to the delay in communication with the police. Safety and security window film delivers a great, affordable solution that ensures homeowners can have peace-of-mind this summer.

Benefits of Safety and Security Window Film for Your San Antonio Home

Safety and security window film acts as a passive security system that’s always on and never needs manual operation. Security film can protect your loved ones and valuables from break-ins, burglaries, natural disasters, smash-and-grab robberies, freak accidents, and much more. Security film is effective in deterring smash-and-grab robberies since burglars actually have a much more difficult time accessing your property. The commotion caused by security film is often loud and time-consuming, deterring burglars from pursuing your property. If burglars continue to try to access your San Antonio home, security window film gives you precious time to better hide or escape until the police arrive.

Installation Process for Safety and Security Window Film in San Antonio Homes

Custom Tint Solutions is the expert in safety and security window films and have completed a multitude of residential security projects throughout the San Antonio area. We have the largest inventory of leading security films, enabling us to give you proper product recommendations based on your individual property. We always complete discreet, timely security window film installations.

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