Schools across the nation are always looking for budget-conscious ways in protecting their students and staff members from all the possible unknown threats that can be presented at any time. San Antonio schools are no different– while security guards and security systems are definitely effective in times of crisis, they fall short in certain scenarios such as protecting building occupants from explosions, gunfire, and natural disasters. Security film offers premium protection against these threats, providing around-the-clock protection.

Benefits of Security Film for San Antonio Schools

Safety and security film provides the protection for your San Antonio school that security systems and guards simply can’t. In the event of an explosion or ongoing gunfire, security film bonds broken glass together keeping the pieces within the window or door frame. Since the window film absorbs the shockwaves from the high impact event, students and teachers are protected from broken glass hazards and flying debris. This alone can save countless potential lives and considerably lower the rate of severe injury. Security film also provides additional time for building occupants to escape or better hide until the police are able to arrive on the scene. Security film can also provide great solar rejection, glare reduction, UV protection, and privacy benefits helping schools save money and optimize productivity while protecting students and staff.

Installation Process for Security Film in Your San Antonio School

Custom Tint Solutions has completed numerous school security projects in the San Antonio area. We utilize superior attachment systems and glass strengthening agents in order to heighten the effectiveness of your investment and offering faster installs. We provide timely, discreet installation processes that ensure better security advantages. We always focus on minimizing downtime so that your students don’t have to miss any school.

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