Churches throughout the San Antonio area understand the prevalence of heightening security especially after so many recent Texas church shootings. With so many numerous, potential threats imminent to your San Antonio church, finding an affordable, effective security solution is so significant to protecting your congregation and clergy. Safety and security film delivers a budget-friendly, comprehensive security solution that can protect your church from a multitude of threats.

Benefits of Security Film for San Antonio Churches

San Antonio churches can highly benefit from security film due to the fact that it acts as a passive security system that never needs to be turned on. With around-the-clock protection, security film can protect building occupants and church valuables from natural disasters, break-ins, burglaries, freak accidents, and more. There are specialty security films available as well– bomb blast and ballistic-resistant films. These can be strategically installed on the most vulnerable areas of your church, providing protection against higher impact events like gunfire and explosions. Security film bonds broken glass fragments together after impact, preventing glass shrapnel from harming your congregation and staff members. Cleanup is made easy as well– since all glass stays within the window frame, your church’s downtime will be minimized.

Installation of Security Film for Your San Antonio Church

Custom Tint Solutions likes to begin any security project with a free consultation in order to evaluate your San Antonio church’s individual needs. This allows us to determine the most vulnerable areas of your church in addition to understanding if any attachment systems or additional glass strengtheners are required. This assessment also provides a cost-benefit analysis in addition to estimated project cost. We’re the industry leaders in security, providing the upmost product knowledge on security film.

For more information regarding security film for your San Antonio church, please contact us or call: (210) 859-1144