Churches throughout the nation have definitely begun their search for better security measures since houses of worship have become the recent target of mass shootings and domestic attacks. Keeping your flock safe in the sanctity of your church is crucial. While it is terrible that these horrible events keep happening, being proactive in regards to safety and security is vital. Austin churches are in the same boat as well, looking for ways to defend their congregation from imminent threats. Safety and security window film delivers the best solution for defending churches when they’re occupied.

Safety and Security Window Film Benefits for Your Austin Church

Security film protects any exposed glass that may play a role in safety risks as well as used as an access point for assailants and burglars. Safety and security window film prevents broken glass hazards from harming your congregation– broken glass is actually the leading cause of blast-related death and serious injury. By keeping broken glass fragments together within the window frame, your church will be protected from natural disasters, break-ins, robberies, freak accidents, and more. For more severe threats like mass shootings and explosions, specialty security film systems are available. These specialty security systems better absorb the shockwaves caused by these even higher impact events.

Security Analysis for Austin Churches

Custom Tint Solutions is beyond honored to provide security analysis for churches in our community. Keeping places of worship safe has always been one of our priorities. Security analysis provides cost-benefit analysis alongside product recommendations, strategic installations, and other benefits that churches can take advantage of. Energy efficiency options can offer a great ROI and a way for churches to simultaneously save money while protecting their congregation and clergy members.

For more information regarding safety and security window film for your Austin church, please contact us!