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Window Tinting Fact Sheet

Window tints are a versatile tool with a range of benefits. In the past few years, they have truly changed how we approach architecture and allowed us to build homes and buildings that are more secure, private, and energy efficient. Below, we’ve provided a list of window tinting facts and figures that we hope you will find useful for your Austin or San Antonio project.

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Window Tinting Facts, Figures & Statistics

Numbers don’t lie! Check out these window tinting facts, figures, and statistics to see for yourself how powerful the results really can be!

  • Window tinting rejects up to 97% of infrared radiation that is emitted by the sun.
  • Window film blocks out up to 60% of the solar heat coming into a building.
  • A single-pane window loses twenty times as much heat as the same area in an adjacent well-insulated wall.
  • Window tint prevents fading by filtering out 99%+ of UV rays.
  • Window film is a major resource saver. Approximately every sixteen feet of window tint applied equals energy savings totaling one barrel of oil per year.
  • On average, businesses see a return on investment (ROI) from window tint in 6 months to 3 years, depending on the type of tint, size of building, and type of glass.
  • Solar heat gain and radiant heat loss make up about 1/3 of a home’s energy costs.
  • About 40% of heating loss in commercial buildings is due to poorly performing windows.
  • The Department of Energy has identified window tints as a “first tier technology.” 
  • Window film increases the energy efficiency of glass by up to 92%.
  • Building owners can save $1 to $2 for every square foot of film installed, or as much as 19 kWh per square foot of glass.
  • Window tinting reduces heat gain in summer months by up to 79%.
  • Window tints and films can become carbon negative in as fast as 6 months from the day of installation.
  • An 8.8% carbon emission reduction would occur if every home in California had window
    film installed.
  • Window tint can reduce the temperature in direct sunlight by as much as 9° Fahrenheit.
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