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Skylight Window Tinting

Custom Tint Solutions is proud to offer leading window tinting services for commercial and residential properties. Many property types have skylights that offer great natural light but can often lead to significant heat, UV, and glare concerns. When it comes to finding a solution for skylights, window tinting is the answer in most cases. While we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to provide window tinting services for your skylight, we’re always happy to try to find creative solutions for addressing these concerns.

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The Skylight Window Tinting Process

Since skylights are architecturally and structurally different across many properties, there is no one single solution when it comes to skylight window tinting. That’s why it requires a consultation in order to discover if window tinting is possible for your skylight.

Domed Skylights

Modern domed skylights often have a piece of flat glass on the interior to which window tint can be applied to. However, older rounded skylights may not have this type of flat glass. There are certain products like Drywired Liquid Nanotint that can be applied in certain commercial settings to these rounded skylights but our team will need to discuss these further in order to see if this would be a viable solution.

Ventilating, Flat, and Pyramid Skylights

These usually can have window tint applied since they are made up of flat surfaces. However, in some cases, there may be certain positioning that can hinder tinting services. A window tinting contractor will have to discuss these further with you.

External Film Options

In some cases, skylights will have a flat exterior surface in which an exterior film may be applied. This solution may be viable depending on what type of glass was used to manufacture your skylight. Again, this will require a more in-depth consultation to find out if an exterior film can be used to tint your skylight.

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Work With Central Texas’ Preferred Skylight Window Tinting Contractor

Custom Tint Solutions is honored to be the preferred skylight window tinting contractor located in Central Texas. We offer the most comprehensive window tinting services for homes and businesses and would love to help you find the ideal option for your property. For more information regarding skylight window tinting, please contact us!

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