Vandalism committed by students among San Antonio schools is definitely a common issue. With new vandalism efforts spanning across many different mediums and surfaces, school districts may have a difficult time with justifying repair and replacement costs. Mirrors are one of the more popular surfaces that are prone to vandalism, making these expensive investments hard to keep in great condition. Mirrors usually are located within school restrooms and locker rooms, exposing them to moisture that naturally leads to corrosion. Mirror Shield delivers a sustainable solution that’s easier on the school budget.

Benefits of Mirror Shield for Your San Antonio School’s Mirrors

Mirror Shield is a specialty surface film utilized in mirror refinishing for San Antonio schools. This thick film mimics the appearance of mirrored surfaces providing undetectable protection around-the-clock. Mirror Shield hides any damage on your existing mirror so that school districts don’t have to replace these expensive surfaces. Mirror Shield also protects against any further vandalism efforts ranging from graffiti to acid etching. This specialty surface film can even protect your mirrors from corrosion. Mirror Shield acts as a sacrificial layer that simply is replaced once damaged rather than having to repair your actual mirror. This surface film can help your school save hundreds while showcasing to your students that vandalism will always be addressed.

Installation Process for Mirror Shield in San Antonio Schools

Custom Tint Solutions is happy to provide free consultations for San Antonio schools. We can help you protect a multitude of different surfaces that are prone to vandalism, helping you save significantly while portraying the right image. We conduct quick, discreet installations so that students won’t be aware of these films, while we do use commercial-grade adhesives that make these films tamperproof.

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