Austin commercial properties have a high influx of competition when it comes to retaining and attracting new tenants. With so many properties available for rent, tenants can definitely choose the one that’s right for their business or office. There are definitely some key elements that tenants look for when choosing to rent a commercial property: location, building aesthetics, and utility costs. Exterior resurfacing is a premium service we offer that can help your Austin property attract new tenants and retain old ones.

Benefits of Exterior Resurfacing for Austin Commercial Properties

Exterior resurfacing is a premier service designed specifically for commercial properties as a cost-effective, high-performing alternative to window replacement. Exterior resurfacing utilizes window film and spandrel painting for optimizing beauty and functionality of any property. Window film makes all windows look uniform while concealing any damage or outdated aesthetics. Window film also provides great energy efficiency, UV blocking capabilities, and glare reduction benefits. Tenants will be attracted by the modern look of your Austin commercial property and appreciate all the low costs for the energy bill as well as fade protection for the property. We paint all the spandrel to ensure consistency and beauty. Exterior resurfacing can make all the difference when tenants are choosing which property they’d like to locate their business or office in.

Installation Process for Exterior Resurfacing for Your Austin Commercial Property

Custom Tint Solutions is happy to provide complimentary consultations regarding exterior resurfacing for your Austin commercial property. We’ll come to take a look at your property to determine any challenges or project priorities you may have in order to better recommend the right window film for your resurfacing. We provide quick installations to limit operational downtime.

For more information regarding exterior resurfacing for your Austin commercial property, please contact us or call: (512) 954-2422