Atlanta is renowned for its vibrant urban lifestyle and notably hot summers. As the city grows and evolves, the demand for sustainable and economically viable living options rises. In such an environment, the implementation of innovative solutions that drive energy conservation is crucial. Energy saving film in Atlanta stands out as an effective solution that not only boosts building performance but also markedly decreases energy consumption.

What is Energy Saving Film?

Energy saving film, also known as solar window film, is a micro-thin layer typically made from polyester and metalized coatings, designed to be installed on window glass. This product acts as a solar shield, potentially rejecting up to 79% of solar energy, according to the International Window Film Association. It significantly reduces the amount of infrared and ultraviolet (UV) radiation entering through the windows, without impacting the aesthetic appeal of the structures. These films block up to 99% of UV light, offering a substantial reduction in heat while maintaining high visibility and natural light.

Benefits of Energy Saving Film in Atlanta

Reduced Cooling Costs

In Atlanta’s climate, cooling systems are extensively used for most of the year. Installing energy saving film at residential and commercial properties helps in reducing the interior temperature by reflecting solar heat away from windows. This significant reduction in heat gain lowers the dependency on air conditioning, which in turn decreases electricity usage and minimizes energy bills. Studies suggest that window films can reduce cooling costs by up to 30%, making this a financially sensible energy conservation measure.

Enhanced Comfort

The installation of window films helps stabilize indoor temperatures by eliminating hotspots and minimizing cold drafts, factors that are essential for maintaining comfort. This thermal comfort improves living and working conditions significantly. Furthermore, energy saving film reduces glare, which is particularly beneficial in work environments and home settings where screen viewing and detailed work are common.

UV Protection

Beyond energy savings, the health benefits of blocking UV radiation cannot be overlooked. Continuous exposure to UV rays can lead to skin cancer and accelerate the aging process. By installing window films, over 99% of these harmful rays can be filtered out, helping to protect people and furnishings from sun-related damage and thereby extending their lifespan. This protective barrier helps in maintaining the integrity and vibrancy of interior fabrics, furniture, and artworks over time.

Energy Saving Film and Atlanta’s Building Regulations

Atlanta’s local government encourages the adoption of green technologies through various incentives and regulations. Properties enhanced with certified energy-saving window films may qualify for tax benefits or utility rebates focused on energy efficiency. These legislative supports make the installation of energy saving films not only an environmentally sound decision but also financially advantageous, promoting long-term savings and increased property values.

Installation Process

The effectiveness of energy saving films largely depends on their proper installation. Custom Tint Solutions, a leader in the industry, provides professional installation services to ensure that these films are applied accurately and efficiently, maximizing both functionality and durability. The company offers expert consultation to address individual needs and custom-fit solutions for different types of properties, ensuring optimal performance and energy savings.

Choosing the Right Energy Saving Film for Your Atlanta Property

The selection of the appropriate energy saving film should consider various factors including performance needs, aesthetic preferences, building orientation, and regulatory compliances. Custom Tint Solutions assists clients in navigating these considerations, helping to match the right film with the specific demands of their property. This tailored approach ensures that each installation maximizes energy conservation benefits while enhancing building aesthetics.


The benefits of implementing energy saving film in Atlanta include substantial reductions in energy costs, improved interior comfort, protection against UV damage, and increased environmental sustainability. With the backing of supportive energy conservation regulations, now is the opportune time for residents and business owners in Atlanta to invest in energy saving window films.

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