The pursuit of energy efficiency in both residential and commercial properties has taken a front seat in environmental and economic discussions, especially in cities like Chicago where weather conditions can be extremely harsh. Custom Tint Solutions, a leader in this innovative field, specializes in the installation of energy saving window film, offering customized solutions that enhance indoor comfort and significantly contribute to energy conservation.

What is Energy Saving Window Film?

Energy saving window film is a thin, multi-layered polyester laminate treated in various ways depending on the desired function. Essentially, it’s applied to the glass of windows and doors to enhance the energy efficiency of buildings. This film functions by either reflecting back outside heat during summer or retaining indoor heat during winter. The film includes several categories, but solar control films are often picked for their superior energy preservation capabilities. These films can significantly adjust the amount of sunlight and heat entering a room, reducing the strain on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

How Does Energy Saving Window Film Reduce Costs in Chicago Homes and Businesses?

Energy saving window film makes financial sense in a city like Chicago, where the climate varies dramatically from hot summers to freezing winters. By stabilizing indoor temperatures, the film cuts down on the need for artificial heating and cooling, allowing both homeowners and businesses to see a decrease in their monthly energy expenditures. Research shows that the right kind of energy saving window film can reduce energy bills by up to 30%, which translates into substantial savings, especially in regions experiencing extreme weather conditions.

Environmental Impact of Energy Saving Window Film

Installing energy saving window film can significantly impact your environmental footprint. By reducing the dependence on energy-intensive temperature control systems, these films help cut down greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, studies suggest that window films can save 1 kWh per square foot of glass annually, which not only saves money but also protects the environment by reducing the building’s carbon footprint.

How Does Energy Saving Window Film Protect from UV Rays?

Protecting interiors from the harmful effects of UV rays is another stellar benefit of energy saving window film. UV rays can cause skin cancers like melanoma and lead to the fading and weakening of fabrics, artworks, and furniture. Most energy-saving films block over 99% of incoming UV radiation, thereby preserving the health of occupants and the longevity of interior furnishings and wall coverings.

What is the Installation Process for Energy Saving Window Film in Chicago?

At Custom Tint Solutions, our process for installing energy-saving window film is detailed and efficient. Beginning with a thorough cleaning of the window surfaces, we then measure and cut the film to perfectly match each window. The film is applied on the interior side of the windows, ensuring a smooth, bubble-free finish. While the process varies, most window treatments can be completed in just a few hours, letting you enjoy the benefits almost immediately.

Are There any Rebates or Incentives in Chicago for Installing Energy Saving Window Film?

Residents and business owners in Chicago might qualify for various incentives aimed at fostering energy efficiency. These incentives often include local government rebates, tax credits, or direct grants. We at Custom Tint Solutions keep abreast of the latest programs and are always ready to assist our clients in navigating these options to find the best financial advantage.

How Long Does Energy Saving Window Film Last?

Quality and installation are crucial in determining the lifespan of energy-saving window film. Under the rigorous environmental conditions of Chicago, these films typically offer robust performance for 10 to 15 years. Symptoms that indicate the need for film replacement include peeling, cracking, or bubbling, which diminish the aesthetic and functional attributes of the film.

Does Energy Saving Window Film Also Provide Privacy and Security?

Apart from energy savings, many films also enhance privacy and security. The films make it difficult for outside viewers to peek into your premises while maintaining a well-lit environment internally. This dual benefit of privacy with natural light is a significant reason for its popularity in residential and commercial settings.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Energy Saving Window Film in Chicago?

The cost of installing energy saving window film varies based on several factors including the type of film, size, and number of windows. For typical properties in Chicago, the prices can range from a moderate sum to a more considerable investment, depending on specific needs and choices. Despite the initial cost, the investment in energy saving window film usually pays off through lower utility bills and enhanced property value.


Energy saving window film is an excellent investment for those aiming to reduce energy costs and enhance indoor comfort in Chicago. With proven benefits like UV protection and enhanced privacy, coupled with potential financial savings from reduced energy bills and available rebates, this solution offers a multifaceted advantage. Custom Tint Solutions remains dedicated to providing the highest quality service and products in the industry. To learn more or to book a consultation, call us today at (773) 219-6680 or send an email to

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