San Antonio experiences humid, hot summers paired with cool, rainy winters. With the major of energy expenses stemming from the summer months, homeowners can still have a difficult time keeping their homes comfortable during every season. With the extreme heat experienced here, air conditioners are always run into the ground trying to keep up. Homeowners may finally decide that energy efficiency is a problem that they need to solve– but what option is the best and most affordable? LLumar energy efficient window film delivers the benefits your home needs.

LLumar Energy Efficient Window Film Advantages for Your San Antonio Home

LLumar energy efficient window film not only improves energy usage, but it also prevents hot/cold spots throughout your home leading to a more comfortable internal environment. Energy efficient window film provides other great benefits like UV protection and glare reduction. UV blocking properties are necessary in order to properly preserve your flooring, furniture, and other valuables from fading and discoloration. Glare reduction is a huge benefit for those working from home as well as homeowners that watching television and other screen-viewing activities. LLumar energy efficient window film provides great energy benefits during winter and summer months. Homeowners usually experience a 10% to 15% decrease in energy costs during winter months and around 30% decrease in energy costs during summer months.

Energy Audit Opportunities for San Antonio Homeowners

Custom Tint Solutions has remained a proud partner of the Eastman LLumar group, offering their full line of residential energy efficiency products. Work with our energy specialists to complete an energy audit that’s submitted to LLumar for projected ROIs on our top three recommended energy efficient window films. Experience a wide range of exclusive window film benefits that can really improve any home.

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