Austin residents are typically concerned with energy efficiency especially since they have to combat the consistent Texas heat. Many commercial properties are starting to prioritize LEED certification since this is becoming a requirement or preference for many tenants. While Low-E window replacement can help your commercial property become LEED certified, the price tag is incredibly high and the process takes a significant amount of time. Energy efficient window film can lead to LEED certification at a much more attractive price point and takes a fraction of the time to install.

Benefits of Energy Efficient Window Film for Your Austin Commercial Property

Energy efficient window film provides high solar rejection that optimizes HVAC consumption while delivering the indoor comfort tenants in Texas are searching for. By eliminating cold/hot spots, your entire Austin commercial property will be able to maintain stable temperatures throughout the year. Energy efficient window film can help tenants save dramatically on energy costs leading to a higher tenant retention rate. Additionally, the added benefits of UV protection and glare reduction improve comfort, protect building occupants, and defend expensive flooring, furniture, equipment, and merchandise from permanent sun damage. Your tenants will highly appreciate these advantages and you’ll be happy with the lowered repair costs associated with harmful UV radiation.

Decision Process for Energy Efficient Window Film in Austin Commercial Properties

Custom Tint Solutions is happy to help you on your journey to obtain LEED certification. We have all the leading energy efficient window films that can help you achieve this goal and are happy to conduct a free consultation and evaluation of your property. Understanding the location of your Austin commercial property and the individual challenges it may have allows us to recommend the right investment for you.

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