With so many different businesses gaining popularity in the San Antonio area, deciding on the right branding and advertising methodology may be difficult for business owners. For businesses who rely on foot traffic to attract new, potential customers or bring back repeat guests, visual marketing is pertinent to their advertising strategy. 3M building wraps present an eye-catching visual marketing solution that can really attract the right attention for your business. From paid sponsorship opportunities to increased brand visibility, 3M building wraps are dynamic enough for any project.

Benefits of 3M Building Wraps for Your San Antonio Business or Commercial Property

3M buildings wraps are a highly customizable, specialty decorative film that’s engineered for exterior application of San Antonio businesses or commercial properties. These visual marketing solutions can showcase virtually any graphic you’d like utilizing HD, UV resistant colored ink. 3M building wraps are great for both long-term and short-term projects. They’re durable and can last over a decade without losing vibrancy and distinctive color. These versatile decorative films can also be used for short-term projects for upcoming events, regional sales, and more. They’re easy to remove and replace by professionals, making these window films applicable for many different advertising campaigns.

Installation Process for 3M Building Wraps in San Antonio Businesses and Commercial Properties

3M building wraps begin with an intensive design process in order to create the perfect graphic for your San Antonio property. Our design team is happy to help with coloration, design, styling, and every component of your custom graphic. Once we’ve finalized your design, we complete a quick, stress-free installation process that promotes limited operational downtime. We use C-Bond glass strengthening agent as a primer to accelerate cure times while enhancing project quality.

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