Elevators are a major investment for a business. But if you have a multi-story building, you can’t do without them. Your elevators are essentially not only for getting to the upper levels of your building, but also for moving equipment, transporting goods/products, and meeting ADA requirements. Unfortunately, elevator repairs can be expensive, sometimes costing thousands of dollars. If you have an elevator refinishing project in Fort Collins, window film can help you save money on repairs. Below, we’ve discussed the matter in detail.


Why Should You Refinish Your Elevator?

Elevator damage happens. There’s no avoiding it. After years of being in use and getting bumped by people, boxes, suitcases, etc., some scuffs and dings are bound to appear. While you may be tempted to brush off these minor damages and think they’re no big deal, doing so could have serious consequences for your business.

Elevator damages give customers the wrong impression and can hurt your reputation. What’s more, they may also send off a red flag to inspectors and cause them to dig deeper.

The good news, most minor damages can be fixed without the need for replacement. With elevator refinishing, Fort Collins businesses can:

  • Conceal minor damages, scuffs, and dings
  • Repair cosmetic damages without replacing metal panels
  • Protect interior mirrors and panels
  • Safeguard your reputation


Save Money on Elevator Refinishing with Surface Film!

If you’re looking to save money on elevator refinishing in Fort Collins, surface window film is definitely the way to go! Other methods like painting, polishing, and graffiti removal don’t have nearly the same success rate. Many of these methods are costly and take a lot of time to complete.

With surface film, however, you can instantly restore your elevator and conceal cosmetic imperfections. Surface films are great for addressing cosmetic damage on:

  • Elevator doors
  • Buttons and operating panels
  • Handrails
  • Interior mirrors
  • Glass, wood panel, and metal elevators


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Mike Kinsey, Author at Custom Tint Solutions

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