Does your San Antonio commercial property require window replacement due to damaged or outdated windows? Are you having difficulty reaching proper energy efficiency due to these windows? Window replacement can be a very expensive investment that’s not only financially burdensome but also highly time-consuming. Window replacement often leads to unforeseen operational downtime and a lot of inconvenience for any tenants or guests in your building. Exterior resurfacing is a premier service that’s a better alternative to window replacement when it comes to cost, installation time, and added window film benefits.

Benefits of Exterior Resurfacing for San Antonio Commercial Properties

Exterior resurfacing optimizes both energy efficiency and aesthetics for any San Antonio commercial property. By installing window film and painting spandrel, your outdated and damaged windows will be completely concealed leading to a more modern, uniform exterior. Window film also offers great energy efficiency, UV protection, and glare reduction benefits. The solar rejection properties are similar to window replacement offering high energy savings. The added bonuses of UV protection and glare reduction help preserve investments for longer while offering a more comfortable space for your tenants and guests. Exterior resurfacing can attract new tenants, retain happier current tenants, and help property owners save drastically.

Installation Process for Exterior Resurfacing for Your San Antonio Commercial Property

Custom Tint Solutions is happy to provide a complimentary on-site consultation in order to better understand your individual property needs. We can help determine what type of window film is best for your commercial property while learning your goals, priorities, and challenges. Exterior resurfacing is a major renovation even though installation is much quicker than window replacement, so we want to ensure you’re happy with your investment. We utilize state-of-the-art computer-aided software to showcase what your building will look like after installation.

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