It’s difficult to overstate the advantages that installing bomb blast window film can provide to a business. The name basically says it all: bomb blast window film is designed to withstand the pressure created by a small-to-medium-sized explosion. Needless to say, there is a whole array of more everyday, less heinous occurrences – such as hailstorms or break-ins – that can lead to broken windows and that can be easily protected against with bomb blast window film.

If you’ve already installed bomb blast window film in your San Antonio business, you’ve likely wondered: how long can the integrity of this product be expected to last?

What is the Lifespan of Bomb Blast Window Film?

When it comes to boosting security by installing bomb blast window film in your San Antonio business, time is definitely on your side. In fact, bomb blast window film can be relied upon to retain its integrity and strength for as long as your windows remain in place. 

If a robbery is attempted or if a neighboring explosion should occur, bomb blast window film can minimize the chances of dangerous shards being blown inside of your business, where it may cause bodily injury or structural damage. Instead, the protective layer can keep the broken glass in place, which makes it an essential safety tool for San Antonio businesses.

Don’t Delay Securing Your Business’ Windows

As business owners, it’s crucial that we take precautions in the present to protect our property and employees from danger in the future. By installing bomb blast window film, San Antonio business owners can provide effective and long-lasting security for the whole of their organizations.

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