Benefits Of Graffiti Films Actually Do For San Antonio Commercial Spaces

When you think about “anti-graffiti films” you probably imagine something that is used for buildings and businesses in “bad” parts of town or where glass, metal, and mirror surfaces are frequently “tagged” because they are hard to monitor. While you wouldn’t be wrong, since anti-graffiti films are an important part in keeping these areas protected from vandals, there is much more to these films than you think. These types of protective films play a key in keeping surfaces in very visible, highly trafficked areas clear of both graffiti and other marks. In fact, beyond graffiti protection, they are as used

  • To protect from scratches
  • To protect from everyday wear and tear
  • To protect from smash and grab crimes
  • To keep high profile surfaces looking clear, clean and new


Read more below and find out more about how these extremely helpful and clear protective films are working to make San Antonio a more beautiful place.

Where Anti-graffiti Window Films Are Used (It Might Surprise You)

As we mentioned, anti-graffiti films are everywhere here in San Antonio and you likely pass or interact with them whenever you are out and about without even knowing it. This is because these surface films are totally invisible to the untrained eye. As such, they are often found in places that need perfect clarity like windows and bathroom mirrors but are equally as useful for:

  • Display Cases
  • Road Signs
  • Elevators And Escalators
  • Bus Shelters
  • Glass Sneeze Guards
  • Kiosks and ATM Machines

Places like these that are used by the general public are where these films are not only frequently used but very helpful. These areas could also be targets of graffiti but, believe it or not, the copious wear and tear they get just from normal use over time is the greater threat. Anti-graffiti films are an easy, affordable way to provide optically clear protection against this daily wear and tear but, make no mistake, they are strong enough to also protect from intentional graffiti too. From store windows to elevator doors, anti-graffiti films are helping to keep non-porous surfaces all over San Antonio stay clean and beautiful, while at the same time providing property managers with a cost-effective and time-saving way to remove marks of all sorts including spray paint, acid-graffiti, abrasions, scratches, dirt, and grime. And, these films are easily cleaned with simple household cleaning products when marked. Should they get too scratched up over time and start looking dingy–they are easily and cost-effectively replaced, most of the time in as little as one day!

For more information on our ample inventory of anti-graffiti films for your San Antonio property, contact us at Custom Tint Solutions In San Antonio for a free estimate and clear pricing today!

Mike Kinsey, Author at Custom Tint Solutions

Mike Kinsey uses his knowledge of window film products and industry innovations to help customers find simple, versatile solutions for meeting their architectural goals. As the Operations Manager for Custom Tint Solutions, he is the head of sales, customer relations, and product education and also personally oversees all window film installs from start to finish. His fifteen years of experience combined with his background in construction and project management sets him apart as an expert in his field. Mike's qualifications are extensive and are backed by certifications from 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education.