Property investments can be an exciting opportunity to address commercial property needs, residential property needs, and more. When it comes to investing in the right product, it’s always ideal to do your research before purchasing. For properties that are interested in money-saving solutions, there are many choices to choose from. Window film has become a very popular option due to its fast installations, cost-effective pricing, and no need for permits or significant renovations. Here are our most frequently asked questions about window film for Kansas City properties.

The Most Frequently Asked Window Film Questions for Your Kansas City Property

How often do you need to clean window film?

Window film only needs occasional cleanings. It is actually less porous than glass so it will require fewer cleanings. Window film should be cleaned with a soft, non-abrasive cloth and mild detergent. You’re welcome to use silicone polishes periodically to create a luminous finish but this is not required.

Can window film damage my windows?

There have been cases in the past where window film has damaged windows. This, however, was a result of installing incompatible products on certain energy-saving windows. This can easily be avoided by working with a qualified professional window film contractor.

Does window film kill houseplants?

Solar control and UV protection window films only block harmful UV radiation. They do not interfere with the red and blue light needed for houseplants. Window film can actually be beneficial for your houseplants, by stabilizing temperatures and blocking harmful UV rays.

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