Security measures are an important factor for any commercial property. From security cameras to security systems, these can offer a number of benefits that help prevent crime as well as catch perpetrators. However, one thing all these measures miss is the broken glass hazards caused by impacts to windows and glass doors. These areas are often missed or overlooked but are actually the most vulnerable areas of any building. That’s why security window film installation is a must. But, what type of security film does your building need? Here are the different options available for your Fort Worth business.

The Benefits of Safety and Security Window Film for Your Fort Worth Business

  • Energy-saving security film: Window film is best known for its energy conservation benefits. Why choose between energy savings and security film when you can opt for a product that has both? Energy-saving security film from companies like 3M and LLumar is optimal for providing all the benefits of standard security film with the addition of moderate energy savings. Enjoy protection from broken glass hazards while saving money for the lifetime of your windows and glass doors.
  • Bomb blast protection:  Defend against higher impact events like explosions and natural disasters with this specialty security film product. Ideal for larger spaces and public areas like airports, stadiums, venues, and more, bomb blast protection window film offers additional protection.
  • Ballistic resistance: If you need a step higher in terms of protection, ballistic resistance is available. It offers resistance against gunfire, providing additional escape and response time during an event.

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