We all want what’s best for our children, especially when it comes to their schools. The learning environment should always be prioritized, creating a safe, productive space for students to reach their fullest potential. With all the various challenges that campuses face in regards to their students and staff members, finding effective, low-cost solutions is a must. Window film presents a great, affordable solution for helping schools throughout the Phoenix area achieve the most productive, comfortable, and most importantly safe campuses.

How Phoenix Schools Can Take Advantage of Window Film

  • Safety and security: The unfortunate reality is that schools can be a target for violent crime. Safety and security window film delivers an important piece for protecting schools from a variety of threats. Security film acts as an invisible barrier to help protect against break-ins, natural disasters, and much more.
  • Daylight redirecting: This innovative product was created by 3M to naturally redirect sunlight as deep as 40 feet into any property. A huge bonus of this window film type, besides lowering lighting costs, is the direct benefits it can have on students. Studies show that daylight redirecting window film can improve student testing scores while lowering absentee rates.
  • Glare reduction: With computer labs, libraries, projectors, and other screen-viewing activities incorporated throughout everyday school life, glare reduction can offer a critical layer of comfort for teachers and students alike. Glare reduction minimizes symptoms of excessive glare like squinting, headaches, and more.

Work With Phoenix’s Trusted School Window Film Expert

Custom Tint Solutions is honored to be the trusted school window film expert serving the Phoenix area. We understand the complexities of these property types and have the expertise for ensuring optimal safety, productivity, and comfort. Our security experts and LEED-certified contractors can help you optimize while saving money. For more information, please contact us!