As collaborate workspaces become more and more popular throughout the Austin area, searching for high-performing privacy solutions is becoming a necessity. While conference rooms always require privacy for important presentations and sharing sensitive information, privacy is even more vital for collaborate workspaces. Traditional privacy film can be effective but may alienate coworkers and other employees, making your office feel closed off. Casper Cloaking Film delivers an unique privacy solution engineered to simply hide information showcased on LED screens.

Benefits of Casper Cloaking Film for Your Austin Office’s Privacy Concerns

Casper Cloaking Film delivers a specialty architectural film that’s engineered for cloaking LED screens for glass application. When properly installed, those viewing from the outside only see a blank, black screen that appears to be turned off. This promotes a welcoming, transparent office space that also addresses privacy issues within your Austin office. Casper Cloaking Film can optimize productivity so that those presenting sensitive information only have to focus on presenting and collaborating rather than hiding their screens or finding off business hours to present. Casper Cloaking Film comes in a wide range of different finishes and designs as well, allowing you to transform your existing space or add a custom glass look to the office.

Installation Process for Casper Cloaking Film in Austin Office Buildings

Casper Cloaking Film can be applied to virtually any glass surface, presenting versatility for your technological privacy needs. Custom Tint Solutions is proud to be the preferred Casper Cloaking Film contractor in the Austin area, providing the entire line of privacy cloaking films for offices and commercial use. We always use premium glass primers and strengtheners to enhance installation and quicken cure times.

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