The security industry is filled with countless preventative measures in addition to tools for helping limit bodily harm and more. For those that have commercial properties and public spaces, it’s critical to have a well-thought-out plan for your security and safety needs. When it comes to creating this plan, one of the most underestimated areas of vulnerability is the windows and glass doors. So, when it comes to this, what are the available options? Security bars offer minimal prevention and have a list of negative effects. Security film offers the best option for keeping your property safe. But, what about a step higher? Does your Phoenix commercial building need high-end ballistic resistant security film?

The Benefits of Ballistic Resistant Security Film for Your Phoenix Property

Ballistic resistant security film is a specialty window film product that utilizes multiple layers of window film, an attachment system, and C-Bond technology. This result offers resistance against high-impact events like gunfire, explosions, natural disasters, break-ins, burglaries, smash-and-grabs, severe weather, freak accidents, and more. For those interested in improving their security needs, this is the highest-end security product available on the market. It’s the closest thing to bulletproof glass and even has one-way shooting capabilities. C-Bond is an essential component here, making ballistic resistance possible. Ballistic resistant film can also be tactically installed in certain areas that require higher security than others. Our team can help you determine the most vulnerable areas of your property and help you make decisions to make your budget go further.

Work With Phoenix’s Number One Ballistic Resistant Security Film Specialist

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