When it comes to making new investments for your home or business, it is always important to understand exactly what you’re purchasing. New home investments can provide incredible benefits but there can always be risks associated. For property owners looking for ways to improve their energy costs or other property dysfunctions, it can be hard finding the right solution. Many property owners end up turning to window film. Window film is a cost-effective alternative for achieving numerous property goals and offers quick installations. However, Denver customers often wonder– does window film kill houseplants?

The Benefits of Window Film for Houseplants in Denver Properties

Window film installation offers incredible benefits for various property types. When it comes to solar control and UV protection options, these only block solar heat gain and harmful UV rays. Window film does not impact the red and blue light required for houseplants to grow. Installing this product on your property may actually provide better benefits for your plants. Since it rejects solar heat gain, windows will not impact your plant’s temperature. Additionally, it helps stabilize your internal temperature while blocking harmful UV radiation that can hurt your plants. For darker-tinted films, these can be ideal for low-light plants. If you have houseplants that require bright, direct light, you may want to opt for an optically-clear or neutral film that won’t compromise natural sunlight transmissions. If you’re concerned about how your plants will do after window film installation, you can always move your plants to lower light areas as a test beforehand.

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