Owning a commercial building requires special attention in terms of investment and maintenance. Creating an optimal area that attracts tenants, improves the customer experience, and boosts overall business can lead to invaluable benefits. So that’s where the property improvements come into play. While there are countless ways to achieve this, window film has been celebrated as a commercial asset for years. Due to its cost-effective nature and quick installation times, business owners can actually limit operational downtime compared to lengthy, costly renovations. Here are three ways to transform your San Antonio commercial property with window film.

The Benefits of Commercial Window Film for Your San Antonio Business

  1. Exterior resurfacing: Have you been in need of window replacement for your outdated or damaged windows? Skip the costly install and opt for exterior resurfacing instead. This proprietary service utilizes external window film installation and spandrel painting in order to create a more modern aesthetic. In turn, you’ll enjoy better property function, curb appeal, and perceived property value.
  2. Security window film for annealed glass: Did you know that commercial property code requires tempered glass windows for safety reasons? If your outdated building still has annealed glass windows, you can install security film to transform these into tempered glass for a fraction of the price.
  3. Interior resurfacing: 3M DI-NOC offers a fantastic way to address interior decor. These vinyl surface films can be installed on a variety of smooth, non-porous surfaces and are great for enhancing decor. Perfect for both long-term projects and short-term transformations.

Work With San Antonio’s Number One Commercial Window Film Expert

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