Having an elevator on your property is critical for convenience and essential for creating access to multiple levels. Businesses that have these also have a significant financial responsibility since repairs and maintenance can be quite substantial. Especially for companies that experience a lot of foot traffic or are located in vandalism prone areas, elevators can easily become scratched and damaged. When it comes to elevator repairs for aesthetic damages, it’s important to consider different solutions that help minimize operational downtime and costs. Here are three reasons your Huntsville business needs elevator refinishing.

The Advantages of Elevator Refinishing for Your Huntsville Business

  1. Cost-effective solution: Repairs on elevators often require decommossioning which leads to an inspection in order to allow for recommossioning. This process can cause undesirable operational downtime and more costs for inspection. For aesthetic repairs, you can use our leading elevator refinishing service that utilizes anti-graffiti surface film. Save money, time, and resources with this solution.
  2. Effectively hide existing damage: From scratches to small dents, these aesthetic damages can make a bad impression for your guests. Elevator refinishing offers a great way to effectivel conceal these damages in order to put your best foot forward. Experience a brand new look by installing this surface film product.
  3. Protect against new damage: These surface films not only conceal damage but are also highly durable and defend against new threats. Protect your expensive elevator from vandalism, graffiti, and even acid etching. The sacrificial layer can easily be replaced by a professional window film contractor.

Work With Huntsville’s Preferred Elevator Refinishing Window Film Contractor

Custom Tint Solutions is proud to be the preferred elevator refinishing window film contractor serving the Huntsville area. Our team is happy to help you discover all the various refinishing opportunities we offer for commercial buildings. Contact us today for more information!