Both residential and commercial properties experience the unfortunate results of bird collisions. Birds flying into manmade structures actually accounts for about one billion bird deaths each year globally. That stunning number can make any animal lover disheartened. The good news is that there are actually effective solutions for helping prevent these incidents. When it comes to creating a plan to save bird lives, you may have heard of fritted glass or DIY methods. These solutions can fall short due to budget constraints or the manual labor and maintenance required. Here are three reasons why you need bird strike prevention window film for your Chicago property.

The Benefits of Bird Strike Prevention Window Film for Your Chicago Commercial Building

  1. Affordable, effective solution: Bird strike prevention film, also known as bird collision prevention or fritted window film, is a cost-effective alternative to fritted glass replacement. This option provides quick, easy installations that can be completed within days to weeks depending on how large your building is. Enjoy immediate results without spending a fortune and experiencing operational downtime.
  2. Save bird lives: This window film product works by alerting birds of the presence of your property. It can easily be missed by birds since the reflective glass can mirror the sky. This film has subtle frosted decals throughout that alert birds so they can avoid collision.
  3. Minimize maintenance requirements: DIY methods require a lot of maintenance and manually drawing dots onto your glass. This solution cuts down on maintenance needs and is actually invisible to the naked eye. Keep your property peaceful and low maintenance.

Work With Chicago’s Preferred Bird Strike Prevention Window Film Specialist

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