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Safety & Security Window Film

Protection from Broken Glass, Theft and Vandalism

Prevent personal injury, damage to property and financial loss caused by accidents, natural disasters, and crime with LLumar safety and security window film from Custom Tint Solutions in San Antonio and Austin.

The Central Texas weather can be dangerous – storms, tornados and earthquakes can shatter your windows, sending dangerous glass shards and debris flying. In addition, man-made disasters continue to rise, putting your family, tenants or employees at risk. Made of clear, heavy-duty polyester, LLumar safety window tint adds an invisible layer of protection to any window and is ideal for businesses, storefronts and public transportation. It holds broken glass in place, even in the most extreme situations.

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In addition, safety window film is highly durable and can stand up to forced entry, making it harder for thieves to break in and steal your merchandise or computer equipment.

Check out this failed break-in caught on a security camera! Plus, it acts a sacrificial layer if vandals strike – the transparent film can be peeled away quickly and inexpensively along with the graffiti. Custom Tint Solutions even offers multiple styles and grades of security tint that match your building design and your budget.

With security window film, you can reduce the high cost of window replacement and the threat against the most precious commodity inside your building – its occupants.

Benefits of LLumar Safety & Security Window Film from Custom Tint Solutions

  • Increased protection against natural disasters
  • Strong and durable film increases glass strength and holds broken glass together
  • Fast and cost-effective solution to removing graffiti
  • Added layer of protection against theft
  • Safety-glazing solution for government-mandated tempered glass

From the Vatican to the U.S. Constitution, LLumar safety window tinting is protecting lives around the world. Contact Custom Tint Solutions in San Antonio or Austin for a free estimate and to learn how you can defend your building against any disaster with safety and security window film from LLumar.

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